Dr. Robert F. Galindez shares his secrets to success
By: Wein P. Gadian

Some believe that life is dependent on fate, yet there are some who are so inspired that they are driven to believe they can make their own destiny. If there are those who enjoy their situation of having all the resources they need, there are also those suffering from lifelong lashes of poverty. There are even people who cannot go to competent schools where they can pursue good education. These are the harsh realities of life. But one strong decision can change everything.

A man who made his decision and has made a difference particularly the reversal of poverty, is Robert F. Galindez, Ph.D. He pioneered the concept of IT-based education service, provider of graduate schools in the Philippines. He is the seventh among twelve in the Galindez family. With the financial challenge his family was going through, he had to attend public elementary school in the seventh class municipality of Looc, Romblon and had to wear hand-me-downs from older siblings.

He is the son of the late Virgil Galindez, then administrative officer of Looc National High School. Though they were not wealthy, they were blessed with the gift of intellect and were taught the importance of values. Segundina, the mother, imbedded these values in their hearts by staying at home.

“I had to excel to forgo the handovers and get new ones." He said as he started to climb the ladders of success and receive honors in elementary and high school. He then took a competitive exam and became a GSIS scholar at De La Salle-Araneta University in Manila and finished AB Economics. After which, he proceeded to take his Masters in Financial Management at the same institution. He also pursued a doctorate degree (PhD Management) at the International College of Management and Economics in Makati City.

Climbing the ladder to Success

His passion for learning and education made him principal of a prestigious school in Quezon City. With his education, he became the dean of Romblon College at 23, making him the youngest to hold that kind of position in Southern Tagalog during his time and probably even in the present.

His brilliance made him one of the most sought-after administrator. He successfully managed the academic and research operations of the schools where he served as Dean and Director. Dr. Galindez also has an extensive teaching experience having taught for over 30 years in both undergraduate and graduate business programs in various colleges and universities in the Philippines. It includes St. Paul's University (Iloilo City), University of San Agustin (Iloilo City), International College of Management and Economics (IAME, Makati City), Philippine Christian University (PCU, Manila City), Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (Lucena City). Sultan Kudarat State University (Tacurong City), Ifugao State University (Ifugao), Eulogoip Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST-Manila), London School of Business (UK), among others.

His dream of being an educator did not stop there. His management experiences are equally impressive. He is currently the President and CEO of St. Robert's Group of Companies operating in the Philippines and Thailand.

St. Robert’s Global Education, along with Bellarmine Global Education, and MiniBoss Learning Center delivers flexible and quality educational services in the Kingdom of Thailand. While in the Philippines, St. Robert’s Training and Management Center, St. Robert’s International College, and Bellarmine Business Management Services takes care of providing world-class extension and transnational graduate courses and basic education to the Filipinos.

St. Robert’s Group is ISO certified via the school system certification. St. Robert’s International College is the acknowledged St. Benilde of western visayas and since its foundation in 2010 has been offering alternatives to the conventional curriculum: the Creative Arts curriculum for the elementary, special business high school program for the junior high school, and the professional development program for the senior high school.

Dr. Galindez holds various positions in the HEIs affiliated with St. Robert’s Group: Dean of Extension & Transnational Program of PCU, and past Associate Director, IAME, Local Administrator for PWU, JRU, OLFU, SKSU, IFSU, to name a few.

Still in the field of education, Dr. Galindez also served as the Research Director of Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus and Collegio de San Jose in Iloilo City. He was Dean of Romblon College in Odiongan, Romblon. He was also a principal of the basic education department of AMA Computer University in Project 8, Quezon City.

Having such responsibilities, 24 hours is not enough for Dr. Galindez. He starts working at 5AM till 12MN. As a hardworking person he's affiliation are not only in the Philippines but also in numerous universities and organizations abroad.

His advocacy includes the following: President of Student's in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Philippines; President of Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) and currently the Executive Director of Asian Center for Comparative Governance (ACCG) based in Bangkok, Thailand.

With these involvements, Dr. Galindez has been with CEO's and president of various world acclaimed companies. He would normally travel to Europe, Asia and the U.S. almost three to four times a year. His hectic schedule would also mean meeting Howard Belton, Chairman CEO of Uniliver Philippines. Or Robert Shipling who holds the highest position of the same company. At times, these meetings are also with Tom Mouser, the Chairman of KMPG. It is a top Auditing and Consulting Center recognized here and abroad, or the President and General Manager of Bristoll Meyers Squibb, Roger Dallas.or Warner Manning of HSBC. “I am privileged to just go directly to the offices of these people without prior arrangement from their secretaries, because they know me.”

Dr. Galindez's influence over so many people has always been supported by prayers. Though he has filled the gaps in education, pioneering IT-based education services in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, he remains humble. He is a very responsible father to sons; John Trevor and Francis Mari who are both helping manage the business as VP Planning for SRIC for JT and President of MiniBoss Thailand for Francis. And a good husband to his wife, Mary June Alcon who is currently the Executive Vice President of SRGC.

Inspiring as it is, Dr. Galindez shares to the youth: “Hardwork, passion for education and learning. Education prepares you for the big battle and in terms of expertise there should be passion. Then include hard work and so much prayer.”

There is indeed a better way to live if we make a decision. In Og Mandino's book ‘The Choice', it said: “Man or woman, whatever your state is – you have a better way to live. All you need is to make a choice and act on it.”

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