Most schools have Academic Excellence as their top priority for all administrators and stakeholders. Sports Development Program is one of the interests that are considered supplementary to academic excellence. The main objective of the Sports Development Program is to give a tested framework for establishing a sports academy at St. Robert's International Academy. Sports College is a unique curriculum for athletes that offers a unique experience geared on developing talent while bolstering their academic skills.

The JCA Sports College of SRIC offers a venue to cater the multiple intelligences of the learner, improving their interpersonal and bodily-kinesthethic skill. Athletes will then be challenged to go beyond their sport and participate in a tailored program that combines practical training with interesting academic challenges. Real-world circumstances are used to apply lessons learned about socialization, teamwork, and planning. The Sports College does not neglect to instill ideals and foster camarederie among athletes from other sports, which is a quality of a great champion.

SRIC has made a name in the field of sports. Our players go on to have highly successful collegiate careers, as well as professional sports careers. The Sports College of SRIC uses the latest training techniques to maximize student-athlete potential. At the same time, thanks to the generosity of its community, students have access to sports facilities. SRIC employs a number of training and conditioning professionals to assure the health and well-being of its student-athletes as part of the school's objective to support students spiritually, intellectually, and physically.


•To provide venue for students who are interested and wish to develop their knowledge and skills in sports.

•To prove that pursuance of academic excellence can go “hand-in-hand” alongside sports excellence.

•Boost the athletic competence of the learners in the field of sports.

•To produce Champions in the field of Sports.

•Create partnership with others school who wish to develop the skills and knowledge in sports of their learners.

Who are qualified to enroll under SRIA SPORTS ACADEMY?

•Any Learner with or without experience can be part of the team.

•All Sports Clinics are all open to Robertine learners from BCR- RFG, and outside learners of partner schools.

•No grade requirements.

What are the Sports Program offered:






•Table Tennis


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