In the beginning…St. Robert’s first company was established in Iloilo City in April of 1999, officially registered as St. Robert’s Training and Management Center (SRTMC). As an educational marketing company, St. Robert’s managed the Graduate School Extension program of the International Academy of Management and Economics (IAME) located in San Antonio Village, Makati City.

With the phenomenal success of SRTMC, other client Graduate Schools like PWU, PCU, JRU, and OLFU and a number of state colleges and universities (SUCs) were added to the graduate offerings marketed and locally and abroad.

In 2004, St. Robert’s established its first educational company the St. Robert’s International Academy (SRIA) initially registered under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). The Academy was inaugurated in its first location in Magalona Building along Ledesma Street, Iloilo City in May 2004, and occupied the campus until 2006. While in Magalona Building, SRIA expanded to accommodate its growing number of students and thus, rented the RBH Building along Lopez Jaena Street. Later in 2006, the Academy moved to a much bigger location – the Casa Plaza Building in front of the Iloilo Capitol Building. While a TESDA Institution, SRIA produced the greatest number of NCII Passers, at 98% batting percentage probably the highest in the region

St. Robertine Global Education. In 2008 St. Robert’s ventured into its first international operation upon the invitation of then Ambassador Antonio Rodriguez who suggested offering a Teacher Certificate program to save many Filipino Teachers from being retrenched for lack of then newly required Thai Teaching License. After Thailand, the Hong Kong Learning Center was established followed by the Jakarta Learning Center. To date, the global operations of St. Robert’s include Thailand, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, India, and Nepal.

In 2010, SRIA established its Basic Education Department and transferred to the Cooper Building in front of Amigo Terrace Hotel in General Hughes Street, Iloilo City. In 2013, SRIA held its first graduation that produced its first batch of elementary and high school graduates.

In 2013, again to accommodate its growing number of students, SRIA once again transferred to the famous GST Building along Quezon Street. It is in GST Building that SRIA reaped recognition both locally and internationally.

With the massive increase in enrolment, the SRIA Board was forced to look for a much bigger location that features a regular school facility. It was not very long before their prayers were granted. In December 2016, the members of the Board of SRIA signed the historic Lease Contract with the Vincentian Fathers with no less than the Father Provincial Rev. Fr. Venerando D. Agner CM, signing on behalf of the Vincentian Fathers in the Philippines. The Lease Contract granted a 15-year lease to SRIA with the option for renewal.

The SY 2017-18 was ushered by the Mass of the Holy Spirit held in the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, just a stone’s throw from the De Paul Campus of St. Robert’s International Academy.

The old De Paul Campus was quickly renovated to reflect the Robertine culture: repainting and refurbishing of the façade was immediately done; classrooms and offices were transformed into air-conditioned spaces; the Robertine Champion Hall was functionalized. When the new SRIA campus was inaugurated in June of 2017, the new Father Provincial in his homily stated his satisfaction over the physical improvement of their old De Paul Campus and admonished the President to include the Vincentian charism in the values formation of the Robertines. Dr. Robert Galindez in his part when he delivered his message declared that the new pedagogical principle of the college is to transform its Learners into Intellectual Giant, with Giant Hearts – the giant heart is St. Vincent’s role in the Robertine education. In June of 2018, the new Robertine Gym was inaugurated – a living testimony to Robertine’s supremacy in Basketball and other sporting events.

The year 2022 proved to be a banner year for St. Robert’s. The Securities and Exchange Commission granted its request to convert SRIA into St. Robert’s International College (SRIC), SRIC won the Premier Standard Private School (Iloilo Awards) during the 9th Elite and Leadership Awards Night 2022, SRIC received its membership from the Council of International Schools (CIS); Deuzert, a German ISO Education Management certifier approved its request for certification, SRIC established St. Roberts International College – Gulf Institute for Training Services in the United Arab Emirates offering face-to-face and online classes in the different parts of the 7 Emirates and St. Robert’s saw the opportunity to expand its operations by launching its new St. Roberts International College – Ramkhamhaeng campus at the same time started managing schools that wish to operate big and was able to acquire Pudtachad Kindergarten School and Pramoch Pattana Kindergarten school in Bangkok, Thailand which started the St. Roberts Group of schools (SRGS).

The year 2023 saw the expansion of St. Robert’s Group of Companies. In twenty-three years, it had ventured into its most ambitious project - the St. Robert’s International University located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Its business template is bolstered by the mindset brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic - the new normal educational services powered by digital technology. Capitalizing on its eLearning technology, SRIU will provide access to education via the SRIU International On-Line College operating in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, the UAE, India, and Nepal.

St. Roberts International University (SRIU) provides access to quality education through the St. Roberts International Online College (IOLC). When St. Roberts International Academy (SRIA) was launched back in the year 2010, the school showcased its drive for innovation by spearheading the utilization of the E-learning platform through its transition from traditional books to E-books. After a decade of experience in the field of digital education, St. Roberts International College (SRIC) easily transitioned its full operations from traditional academic delivery to Online academic delivery in response to the new normal. In the year 2023, SRIU launched the IOLC to all Robertines especially those who are working full-time while studying full-time to ensure a smooth management system required for the delivery of quality educational services - SRIU has constituted membership to the Southeast Asia University Consortium (SEA UniCon) in seven countries with headquarters in Cambodia.

St. Roberts International University (SRIU) is the home of the Southeast Asia University Consortium (SEA UniCon). An international platform for member Universities around the globe to collaborate, provide capacity-building programs for their faculty and staff and diversify their student population. SRIU’s brand is more than just an academic institution but also functions as an educational marketing company that has been the foundation of the University’s establishment. This Academic pedagogy is SRIU’s innovative contribution to providing international access to world-class education.

St. Robert’s International University is the newest member of St. Robert’s Group of Companies but probably the most illustrious.

Twenty-four years after the foundation of SRIA as a TESDA school; and 13 years after the creation of the Basic Education Department, St. Robert’s International College continues its vision of “Leading the way towards Excellent, World-class, God-centered, and Learner oriented education”. SRIC is the youngest among the private schools in Iloilo City and probably in Western Visayas but St. Robert’s International College has already been ISO 9001:2015 certified and is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), FAPE accredited, PEAC certified, a Franchise as developed by the country’s top franchise developer – FranCorp and is a subsidiary of St. Roberts International University (SRIU) located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. SRIC also operates its Open High School and MISOSA in Bangkok, Thailand, Vietnam, and Abu Dhabi.

At St. Robert’s International College’s current rate, Saints Robert and Vincent will be scattering the Robertine seed around the globe.

The Robertine Advantage

• CIS Member
• PEAC Certified Status
• International Business Program
• Independent Study/Research Program
• Special curriculum
          • Creative Arts curriculum
          • Special business curriculum
• Enrichment Centers
          • MJAG School of Champion
          • Sports and Wellness Academy
• eLearning via IOLC
• Blended Curriculum: Great Teaching, Great Technology
• Global communicator
• Robertine Personality
• Home-School partnership via Shepherding
• The home of Champions in Sports, Creative Arts, and the Academics
• International immersions with options for paid OJT
• Student Pathway programs

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